CEFE a "Learning-By- Doing" entrepreneurship training methodology pronounced in a way that rhymes with the name of someone who also believes in excellence, Legendary footballer "Pele".


was founded in 1983 by the

German Ministry of Economy, and

from there it was spread in the world

by the German Agency for

International Cooperation (GIZ).

CEFE is considered to be one of the most successful learning methods for adults and business development and has been employed in the Caribbean for exporters, manufacturers and service providers.

CEFE is an acronym which stands for Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise. This indicates a drive and mechanism for strengthening the economy by building strong and agile businesses and business operators.

CEFE's elegance and relevance may be found in its adaptation to the way that adults learn --by doing. One exporter in Dominica once remarked after a 5-day CEFE-inspired workshop "I feel as if I have LIVED my business fully, the way I intended when I first started...you guys understand us!"

CEFE's practical and cultural DNA may be found in its design for a. experienced businesses and business operators b.  start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs c. employees with side-gigs (internal entrepreneurs) and d. full-time employees.

CEFE Caribbean also offers its SEGUNDO Workshop and Coaching Package for over-50 dynamos choosing a new path--their own business! 

CEFE employs strategically- relevant and practical exercises to teach and or strengthen business concepts such as production, productivity, cash flow vs profit, break even, sales and time management.

CEFE is an entrepreneurship training concept for small and medium scale enterprise promotion, developed and promoted by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ).

CEFE is targeted at promoting new business start-up; expansion, diversification or improvement of existing businesses; and training of trainers and officers involved in the business promotion, development and turnaround services among Micro, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs).