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Why Certification of professionals is Important

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Of the four themes identified for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019,  the Business Works Collective finds that the Education, Ecosystems, inclusion and Policy themes are all relevant to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean which we serve.

However, we have chosen to align the Jamaica GEW Certified SME Consultant intervention for BDOs, financial and other practitioners for whom SMEs constitute their market segment, to the GEW Ecosystems | #GEWecosystems Theme. According to the GEW organisation, "The Global Entrepreneurship Network and other entrepreneurship support organizations around the world are looking beyond Silicon Valley to facilitate collaboration and partnership between startup ecosystems in promising mid-tier cities. Sharing knowledge and connecting local ecosystem leaders has become increasingly important in building healthy and thriving entrepreneurial communities. 

GEW Ecosystems aims to inspire communities to collaborate, and share their networks and markets to help their rising startups thrive. This theme celebrates the shared challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship communities and hubs around the world". 

With empowering and encouraging support from the MSME development team, the event will be held at The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Hope Gardens, Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica.

The ​Business Works Collective now invites our community to join hands and minds to strengthen our #ecosystem for a viable, agile and progressive MSME universe.#OnwardUpwardTogether 

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