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Business Works partnered with CEFE Macedonia to deliver the CEFE-based entrepreneurship training course to acquire skills that would help young people to come easier to employment or self-employment.

The project titled “GET YES – Global Exchange and Training, Youth Employability Service” CEFE Macedonia is implementing in partnership with organizations from Chile – Plataforma Aurea, Jamaica – Business Works, Germany – CEFE International and Philippines – CEFE net Philippines. Program is funded by Erasmus +, KA2.

To design the GETYES project, experts, representatives of all the organizations gathered for a meeting in Skopje. April 2016, design the training plan which will define the activities for the next period, the modules that should be covered in this training course, as well as selecting the most innovative CEFE activities to deliver the impact on the youth.

As previous activities under the project, was research on best practices for youth employment in individual countries, which serve as guidelines for creating the new training course.

Training of trainers for implementing the program around the world and took place in August 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia.  


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We've partnered with international rating agency - Moody's to strengthen the ecosystem for small business transformation.

SME Certification will boost the performance of our business bankers and advisors and increase the credibility and quality of service to small business clients.


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